Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From My Twisted Smile Archive

A short clip, made shorter because the video glitched before the second bit could start, but from out long lost Twisted Smile site, a pretty blond tied down on a bare futon frame in black elbow gloves, lingerie (halter corset and panties) stockings and boots silenced with shiny black ballgag. I love it.

Download Here

*Until Saturday, Brightest Blessings, Be Safe and Have Fun !!*

Scarfetish The Shop: The Maid Pt.2


Searched in vain for part one and never found it. Anywho, in this video a scarf masked maid binds, gags, blindfolds and hoods her second victim who sits perched on a stool. She uses a colorful variety of scarves.

Download Here

Something Weird: Sally Roberts Sacked Up

An unexpected sending from Something Weird Video, a clip from one of her classic Arrow Productions videos of Sally already bound up in a sack by Susan Blair, and being firmly gagged and then blindfolded with silky medical tape.

Download Here