Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Limited Audience: "Proud Prisoner"


Video and pix by Limited Audience; used with permission.

From Limited Audience, Pretty raven-haired punk style model Tulaine cleave-gagged tied to heavy chair is a dungeon setting, wriggling away in short PVC skirt, tight top, fishnets and mile-high club boots. Delightful.

Download Here

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Bikini Bondage By MCH

 "Living the dream of tying up beautiful women, taking their pictures and sharing the results with the world." Is what it says on the site created by MCH for his St.Louis bondage clips, and we're quite happy to likewise share them with you here at DT.

Hollyrope: Return of the Evil Kids (Trailer)

Video and pix by Hollyrope; used with permission.

Bitchy babysitter Layla gets more than she bargained for when her crass treatment of her new charges gets her cleave-gagged and tied to a chair.

Download Here

Bound By Bhowani: "Stool Pigeon"

Video and Pix by Bound By Bhowani; used with permission

Hottie blond in white blouse and short skirt cleave-gagged,  tied to a revolving bar stool, in lovely white leather knee-high go-go style boots.

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