Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scarf Fetish: The Shooting

There are so few of these videos floating around it seems; made in the days after they became "The Shop", from ye olde Scarf Fetish a photoshoot turns into kinky scarf bondage restraint and struggling as the girl model is secure in a bent-over posture on a short bench, and eventually she's blindfolded, gagged and scarf hooded with layers of colorful silk.

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*Brightest Blessings, Be Safe and Have Fun !!*

Borderland Bound: Explosive Roommates’ Tickling Shenanigans Vol V (Teaser)

From Borderland Bound; Trussed firmly, buxom, uber-sexy, Leigh, writhes sensually on the bed, awaiting her naughty roommate, Hannah’s, imminent arrival. The rather tight cleave gag keeping her quiet, bound hard about her mouth. Leigh reckons she can withstand what comes next – it’s gotta be like some kinky kind of massage. She’s wrong. Hannah, all sweetness and innocence, slinks in and we might be forgiven for thinking - just how impish can such a lovely princess-type be… All is quickly revealed, when, after a few exploratory bare sole tickles, something clicks and Hannah swings into delighted malevolence.

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Hollyrope: 8 Slaves (Teaser)

From Hollyrope; it's a bondagepalooza when eight hot girls find their sexy, tipsy pool party interrupted by kidnappers. They are stripped of their bikinis, tied up, tape gagged before they get leashed together and hauled away to their fate...

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