Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hollyrope: First Time Tied

From Hollyrope; Summer is a fashion model, she has modeled for the best magazines and fashion events, and this is her first time trying bondage, as a matter of fact, it was the first time she has been tied up and gagged in her life.In this video, Summer plays a bank manager, who just denied a loan to a crazy customer, so this guy decides to kidnap her in order to get a ransom. Wearing a sexy executive outfit, our cute Summer will feel what to be tied up and gagged is like.

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*Brightest Blessings ! Be Safe and Have Fun !!*

PHM's July Drawings

 A pair offerings from that wonderful artist PHM featuring cheerleaders, trussed up gagged and in big trouble, naturally.

Borderland Bound: Get the Codes, Keep the Guard Away From the Alarms – Trust No One!

From Borderland Bound; Security guards have rarely looked better, we must say! Here we join leggy, buxom superbabe, Emma, looking at her CCTV display and the arrival of a suspicious vehicle in the lot of the office building she is guarding. The rare import company she’s working for have just had a consignment of uncut diamonds in and there have been no leaks of their arrival, Emma is led to understand, so she HAD felt fairly secure this evening – until now.

Unable to reach her superiors via walkie-talkie, the brunette stunner slinks off to see what she can dig up for herself. Unfortunately for her, she’s waylaid outside by a fearsome – as well as obscenely buxom,  hot blonde carrying something very persuasive indeed and is ordered, with her hands up, to go back to the office. After being threatened most harshly a very concerned, Emma is trussed up in her chair with heavy duty duct tape and zip ties....

Ashley's (W)rapture

Bagged up, wrapped up, strapped up, enclosed in rubber or tape, Ashley Renee has something for every fetish appetite.

Gator Group (Unhappy End): König Munsa´s Kochshow Trailer #7

Crazy Patrizia (Dina Babajic) has a new on-line cooking show. She kidnaps her former classmates and the girls have to fight each other in her sinister show: the one who wins the fight will be the cook - the loser will be an unhappy meal!

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