Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mirage: " Office Lady Kidnapping 1" (Clip)

Sayama Sana plays the struggling, grunting rope bound and bandit gagged office lady (secretary) in this clip from a short video from  Japanese bondage producer, Mirage. The camera moves and she moves A LOT, so it can get a little hard to see her, be advised.

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*Brightest Blessings; Be safe and Have Fun !!*

Borderland Bound: Cara & Emma in: The Secret of Addersley Hall: Vol I – Workshop Bound & Gagged! (Pics)

Ready for some more feisty captives in jaw bustin’ gaggage at the hands of demonic perverts? Yeah – sure you are.Smokin’ hot lady detectives, Emma and Cara, henceforth to be known as Agents C & D, respectively, are all set to question the outrageous Oswald Duckula III. He is rumored to be hoarding some exceedingly rare Antiguan Emeralds in his rambling old country homestead. Naturally, these are very very stolen. And the leggy, oh so LOVELY babes will resort to unorthodox methods to deal with thieving bastards of this dude’s ilk

Bound By Bhowani: Will the Mystery Damsel "Mmph" In Please ? (Clip)

Unless your intent is to make the damsel frantic and struggle all the more so you can watch it's ill-advised to leave her so exposed, blind and quieted on such a narrow perch like her desk. Tsk, tsk. but since this is a clip from Bound By Bhowani, I'll make the exception.

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