Thursday, May 31, 2007

Joyride *HQ DVD Rip*

LeeLee Sobieski plays Venna who is kidnapped by a psychotic trucker after her friends play a prank on him over the CB. He shrink-wraps her to a chair nailed to the floor, gags her and then rigs a loaded shotgun to the doorknob, so when her friends open the door- well I'm sure you can figure it out...

*Yeah, the gag is a complete joke, but the scene en total is very intense regardless. This is a VERY long clip from the movie. Be warned.*

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The Mask *HQ DVD Rip*

In this action comedy based on the comic book of the same name, Cameron Diaz plays singer Tina Carlyle . A mobster gets his hands on Loki's mask and decides to make one last score at the expense of his old boss, at his own club. He has his thugs tie Tina to a large fake palm tree with bomb to blow the place sky-high once the robbery is over. Stanley Ipkiss, the original owner of The Mask comes to the rescue.

*Great comedy. It's still funny after all this time. Jim Carrey in his prime, doing physical comedy as no one can. So there was a time when Cameron Diaz was even cuter?! This is the first film I remember seeing her in. It's interesting how the tape makes the ripping noise even with 3 feet of it hanging off the roll, isn't it ? *

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Smallville "Obscura" *HQ WS Web Rip*

Lana Lang (played by Kristin Kruek) suffers a concussion while horseback riding and finds she can see a kidnapper's point of view as he chloroforms and abducts Chloe (played by Allison Mack) then proceeds to bury her alive in a steel coffin. Chloe manages to cut her tape bonds but is drugged and buried anyway. Clark rescues Chloe, but in the aftermath Lana has another vision of the kidnapper coming after her and she finds herself tape bound in the same location Chloe was. Clark saves her life.

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