Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beverly hills 90210 'Love Hurts' *HQ Web Rip*

Tori Spelling portrays Donna Martin who is held captive by the 'campus rapist', who came looking for her roommate Claire. he grabs her in the hall with a knife to her throat, forces her into another part of the house. We later see her gagged and apparently bound on the bed, although no bonds are evident.

*Ah, back in the day when Tori was still kinda cute. I was never a huge fan of the show however. It was just something to pass the time. There's not a lot to see here since the intruder put out all the lights in the house. The topic of rape makes me naturally squeamish, so it is satisfying to see Donna beat the ever-loving daylights out of this creep at the end of the clip.

Special thanks to Todd for brightening up these pictures!!*

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Saturday Morning Cartoon: Superman the Animated Series 'My Girl' *Decent Quality Web Rip*

In this clip, Lana Lang has put her life on the line by spying on Metropolis's main villain Lex Luthor with predictable results. One of his henchmen trusses her up in a mold in a lead smelting plant, believing that the material will keep Superman from seeing what's happening to her.

*Thanks to wickedslavegirl for making this clip !*

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull * HQ WS DVD Rip*

Marion Ravenwood is back, played once more by Karen Allen in this long-overdue sequel. In this clip Marion, Indy and Mutt (I swear that's his name) are prisoners of cold-war era Russian soldiers, who are looking for the lost City of Gold. Indy and Marion are having a spirited argument, but finally the soldier guarding them has heard enough and gags Marion with a scarf. She keeps arguing anyway, regardless. Indy springs into action.

*If you haven't seen the film, avoid this clip as there's a significant plot spoiler in it. Overall I loved this movie (I did see it in the theatre, of course), but it should have been done 10 years ago. I still dream of a world without Star Wars prequels. I had to clean up the picture a bit to make it worth watching. I didn't make this cam, only found it through E-mule*

Oh, and say thank you. ;-)

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Youtube member 67121526993

I would appreciate an eyedropper of credit if you're going to repost my videos on your youtube page, particularly if you're going to use my descriptions word for word.

Silly boy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hawk The Slayer *WS HQ DVD Rip*

In the age of swords and sorcery, the noble hero Hawk comes upon two villagers preparing to burn a hedge witch to death (played by Patricia Quinn). Determining the witch's efforts were meant to save the farmer's pig rather than harm it, Hawk steps in to rescue her.

*This movie should have been an MST3K episode. A truly bad made for TV fantasy film, that nonetheless I can't resist watching. They spent most of their budget getting the late Jack Palance to play the leering villainous Voltan as well as hiring a number of well-known British actors to give the films some weight.Being a little bit of a gamer geek, I loved this movie. Another guilty pleasure of mine.

There was another scene of some nuns about to be hung, with their hands tied behind them, but the action is more or less obscured by the male characters interacting. I don't know about you guys, but if someone with a big sword with a green glowing stone in the hilt tells me to 'go in peace, now' --I think I'd do it ! *

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Cast a Deadly Spell *Decent Quality VHS Rip*

In this movie about an alternate 1940's where magic is real, Alexandra Powers portrays Olivia Hackshaw, the last of a long bloodline that must be offered up as a virginal sacrfice to open the gateways between the worlds and allow the Dread Old Ones to return and claim the earth once more. But what happens when the sacrifice is no longer a virgin ?

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Today's relink- Mortal Kombat

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The 7th Floor *Decent Quality Web Rip*

Brooke Shields portrays Kate Fletcher in this film, where she discovers the hard way that her new boyfriend is a psychopath who murdered her husband. He drugs her and keeps her tied up with medical tape in her loft apartment.

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Today's re-link- Blade the Series pilot

The clip from the pilot of 'Blade the series' has been re-linked. You can find the original post here.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoon- Batman the Animated Series "Christmas with the Joker" *Decent Quality Web Rip*

Joker celebrates Christmas by escaping from the Arkham Asylum and kidnapping Summer Gleeson, Commissioner Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock and taunting Batman over a pirated TV channel. The captives spend most of thier time wrapped up in over-sized Christmas stockings, with rope tying their feet, gagged with candy canes.

Another good episode over but I kept yelling at the screen, "Just spit out the candy canes, stupid !!"

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