Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Squirm *HQ DVD Rip*

In this brief scene Geri, played by Patricia Pearcy is captured and tied up by her former boyfriend, who has already had his face mutilated by killer worms driven nuts by electricity shooting into the ground. It's up to her new spongy New York antique collector boyfriend to save her (poor thing).

*If you ever see one killer worm movie in your life- this is it, and I mean that literally. There's no other film quite like Squirm. It's bad, but not without it's cheesy charms. Toward the end, it looks more like the house was invaded by deadly sea of boiling Twizzlers. It would make a heck of drinking game movie. Drink every time a character calls another character's name out. Drink every time they repeat the clip of the worms wriggling around, exposing their fangs and shrieking, etc.*

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