Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sharpe's Gold *Hq Web Rip*

Jayne Ashbourne plays Ellie Nugent in this clip where she is captured by a group of Spanish guerrillas who have modeled themselves after the Aztecs as a terror tactic. After being carried into a dark cavern, her hands tied in front, the girl is treated to a hallucinogenic powder, painted up and dressed in a long white garment, before being stretched out on an altar for sacrifice. Major Richard Sharpe and his rag-tag band come to the rescue.

*Presented more for the sake of completion than anything else, carrying fans might enjoy this bit. It was hard to tell if her hands were tied together since the scene is dark and she flops her arms around rapid-fire for a while before scrambling off on her hands and knees across the cave.*

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bones ' 2 Bodies In The Lab' *HQ Web Rip*

Emily Deschanel portrays Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan who is captured by an FBI agent who has be performing contract murders on the side at the behest of a mob family (to eliminate their competition). Taken at gunpoint (even after putting up one hell of a fight) she is strung up and gagged, so the rogue agent can kill her. Her brutally injured partner nonetheless rushes to the rescue.

*I like this scene mostly because she fights back and doesn't go meekly to her supposed death. She ultimately has to be rescued, but she made the bad guy hurt a bit beforehand. My only complaint would be if you're going to string someone up by their wrists, do it properly, at least get them on their feet.*

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Saturday Morning Cartoons Ben 10: 'Ready To Rumble'

In this clip, Mrs. Fang is subjected to a modified version of the old sawmill routine after her two alien hybrid children participate in an illegal and dangerous intergalactic battle royal, and it's Ben in his self-replicating alien form to the rescue !!

*Thanks to Sailorzirk and his thorough collection of cartoon DID videoclips.*

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sharpe's Honour *HQ Web Rip*

Alice Krige plays the sharp-tongued La Marquesa, who is captured by an Inquisitor (because nooooo one expects the Spanish Inquisition!) and taken to a distant Convent to keep her from testifying an thus preventing the execution of an English soldier accused of rape and murder.

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Small Soldiers
*With a new DVD cut, the original disappeared somewhere in between my laptop and the desktop :(*

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And with that

I leave you again for a few days. I'll be back posting by Friday evening, Saturday morning at the latest. Have fun and take care. I can still be reached via email.

So Little Time 'The Color of Money' *Web Rip*

Mary-Kate Olsen plays Riley, who takes a babysitting job while trying to cover a credit card debt, with predictable results....

*Warning ! Young Damsel ! *

*The twins were all of 14 when this show was made. Another 'babysitter gets attacked clip' this one is a short one too. If I'd have cut it down to just her little tied up scene it would last all of 10 seconds. She's never seen in this position afterward.*

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Married with Children 'Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?' *HQ Web Rip*

Christina Applegate portrays Kelly Bundy in this comedy bit from the hit TV show, where she babysits a pack of horrible brats who turn on her and leave her tied to the stair rail.

*Gotta love those little unprovoked appreciative hoots from the audience.*

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today's Re-links

Caught in the Act Preview

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Four Rooms 'The Wrong Guy'

Silver Spoons: "A Dark and Stormy Night" * Decent Web Rip*

Erin Gray portrays Kate Summers Stratton (as the mummy case girl) in this Halloween episode where the boys spin their own horror tale, with Erin as the Damsel in Distress. She's picked up by the mad doctor and carried off and later seen strapped to a laboratory table. The boys have an epic duel with petrified French bread loaves to settle her fate.

*Thanks once again to the guys at the Brian's page.*

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