Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sending out an SOS

I'm currently missing my baywatch homecoming clip. I'd love to re-link it for others. If anyone has it, drop me a line.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To One and All-

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I hope yours is safe, fun and happy. :)

Cabin By The Lake *HQ Web Rip*

In this made for TV horror film, Daniella Evangelista portrays Kimberley, a girl abducted by a serial killer whose M.O. is to drown young women in the lake by tying them to cement blocks and tossing them overboard, then gardening their underwater graves afterward. After gagging the poor girl with a lemon stuffed in her mouth, the killer drags her squealing and thrashing onto his boat and does the dirty deed.

Later, Hedy Burress portrays Mallory, a girl working at the snack bar of the local cinema the killer takes an interest in. He sets up a car accident between the girl and himself and then tosses her into his screened and sound-proofed van on the pretext of checking up on his 'show dogs'. After hodling Mallory prisoner for a while, he offers to release her but tells her he has to blindfold her and tie her hands first. The release is a ruse, as he drives her in large circle in the back of the van and then back to the dock and onto the boat, much to Mallory's terror since she's afraid of open water. He tosses Mallory in the lake, but she is recued by some deep divers who happened to be in the same location.

Mallory is found to be still alive and kidnapped again and we meet the final damsel- the killer's erstwhile writing agent Regan, portrayed by Susan Gibney. After killing the director for the screenplay he's writing (the pretext under which all these murders have been commited), he puts Regan in the secret cell in the basement with Mallory. Later, he drags the women bound, gagged with black tape, and connected together by the ankle with a thick anchoring rope onto the boat for the usual treatment however, the small town sheriff and a crew of horror movie effects people are onto him and rescue the women.

*I've been sitting on this for a long time waiting for the right time to put it up and I can think of no better time than my last update before Halloween. For a made for TV movie, it's surprisingly good and original, with interesting story, characters and drama. Judd Nelson is effectively serenely creepy as the killer and Hedy makes a spunky little heroine. Typically I don't go for the scenes where the heroine dies, as in the opening bit- but as i've said before it's all about context and it's still a good scene that sets the tone for the movie, although I did keep wondering why the girl didn't just spit the lemon back out. Silly.

I wonder if anyone else can pick out the minor onscreen flub I saw in the last bit just before the women go into the water?
Email it to me, and i'll try my darndest to post a scene you request as a reward for your eagle eyes. This is a BIG clip, just over 14 minutes and 73 mb, but I just couldn't sacrfice a moment of these scenes.*

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Supernatural: Scarecrow *HQ Web Rip*

Tania Saulnier plays Emily Jorgeson, who discovers the hard way that the reason her small town is so prosperous and its apples are so wonderful and best-selling is that once a year the townsfolk offer up young lives to a resident scarecrow who haunts an ancient tree in the center of the orchard. She is herded at gunpoint into a fruit cellar by her aunt and uncle as well as the town sheriff, and later the same night she and Sam are bound to two trees in the orchard to await their doom.

*At first glance, I thought this was Kirsten Dunst. The girl is a dead ringer for her.*

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well this Bites!!

The DVD drive on my computer has totally crapped out on me :( . It won't read any disks at all. Guess it's a trip to the repair shop.

Mythbusters: 'Chinese Water Torture' *Web Rip*

In this clip from the second season episode Kari Bryon volunteers to be subjected to the ancient Chinese Water Torture, wherein a prisoner is strapped down, his head immobilized, and a continuous steady rain of water drops hits his forehead over a prolonged period.

*Everything starts off rather light-hearted until Kari's claustrophobia briefly overwhelms her. After an hour and a half, enough is enough. Her commentary about being restrained is interesting to say the least. There was additional footage of Scottie also being water tortured, but she's just not nearly as cute as Kari. Thanks again to the boys at Brians page, especially Pat Powers*

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brotherhood of Blood *HQ DVD Rip*

Victoria Pratt (who formerly played Shalimar Fox of TV's Mutant X !!) plays Carrie Rieger, a modern day vampire hunter who is captured along with her companion by a resident coven of blood suckers. Carrie sits chained up while the vampire beat and interrogate her friend, until she convinces the leader she wants to cut a deal with the master vampire in exchange for their lives. Left to their own discretion, a particularly fat vampire gags the prisoners with dirty socks from his own feet and a cord, just before Carrie picks the locks on her bonds and proceeds to whup some undead ass.

*Thanks once more to those wonderfully obsessive seekers on Brian's Page for the info about this scene !! Another dreadful straight-to-video modern vampire movie, but it was nice to see Victoria again in any capacity. Her character on Mutant X was my personal favorite, next to the cutie psychic girl. They always gave off a nice girlie-love vibe together on-screen, or was that just my imagination?*

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Ben 10 'Lucky Girl' *HQ Web Rip*

Gwen is tired of Ben getting all the glory or being a super-hero, so when she acquires an amulet that gives her perfect luck, she dons the identity of Lucky Girl. However her luck power causes nothing but trouble for Ben, and draws the attentions of an evil sorcerer named Hex, who has been questing for all the amulets he can find. During an intense battle, Gwen finds her hands bound with a telekinetic force before she is flung across the room. Later, Hex animates some vines, roots and branches to immobilize Gwen and reclaim the charm.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lair of the White Worm *HQ Web Rip*

Sammi Davis and Catherine Oxenberg portray sisters Mary and Eve Trent, who have been captured by the minions of a centuries old pagan cult and about to be offered up as sacrifices to their god, the White Worm- a huge demonic looking snake. Eve is strung up in her bra and panties over the pit where the creature dwells, as Mary looks on, her arms semi-strappado behind her.

*This is somewhat of a violent clip, especially toward the end when the hero grabs the sacrificial sword there's also some nudity that couldn't be avoided- so be warned.*

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See you Saturday !!