Saturday, February 28, 2009

John Woo's Blackjack *HQ Web Rip*

Kam Heskin plays supermodel Cinder James in this odd action film where a Federal marshal with a strange phobia against the color white tries to protect her from a flamboyant killer. After kidnapping her from her long-expected Phantom of the Opera-esque fashion show, we see her with hands bound around a post in the killer's lair (all done up in white of course).

*A brief scene presented more for the sake of completeness and my love for all things weird than anything else.*

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Scooby-Doo Where Are You ? 'The Mystery Mask Mix-up'

Saturday Morning Cartoons: He-man and the Masters of the Universe 'Song of Celice' *HQ Web Rip*

In this bit, Evil-Lyn and Beastman are sent to capture a singer, who has magical powers in her voice and is the only person who can lull a huge monster called Yog back to sleep. Skeletor has Evil-Lyn hypnotize her to twist her powers to evil ends.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heroes 'Building 26' *HQ Web Rip*

In this clip, Ali Larter portrays Tracy Strauss who has been captured by a government agency that is determined to apprehend all of the para-normals. We find her shackled to a chair under high security (and an array of heat lamps to repress her super-freezing powers). But the new boss of the agency thinks its all pointless torture and gets an order to close the operation down until Niki mysteriously escapes and freezes a man to death in full view of her (by shattering him against a wall). Niki is taken down with a high-powered taser dart.

See everyone Saturday morning, good night !!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Whiz Kids 'Red Star Rising' * Decent Quality Web Rip*

In this bit, Jeannie Wilson portrays Lucille, the unwitting girlfriend of a Russian spy who has been beaming technical information back to Moscow through his backyard satellite dish. He accuses her of tipping off the authorities by calling him and when she tries to leave, he has his Russian contact/thug grab her. We next see her bound, gagged and seated on the sofa while the criminals try to complete their business.

*She's never seen again after that point; the FBI catches the creeps with the kids help (of course) but her rescue/fate is never seen.That's annoying :(*

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

'Laurel Blake in Jeopardy' clips 11 and 12

Continuing; Susan gags Laurel and Sally then puts Laurel in the car, after one last cruel prank on Sally, the scene fades and we discover Laurel has nodded off back at the studio as Mr. Harmon finishes describing the film to her. He admonishes Laurel to to get ready for her impending trip and she hops away still bound and gagged in her lingerie. Crossing an open hallway, Laurel is nabbed by a masked intruder who has planted a microphone in the office and has been listening in the entire time.

The End

(I decided to combine the final clips into one. Tomorrow we return to TV and Movie clips.)

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