Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sally Roberts in "Bind Her Tight" featuring Laurel Blake

In this video, Laurel plays a women named Beverly who has three bad habits. The first is gambling. The second is losing. The third is owing money to people she gambles with. enter Sally Roberts as Aida a woman sent to collect on Beverly's debts by collecting her. Rope in hand, she breaks into Beverly's home and kidnaps her from her own bedroom. Back at her place, Aida puts Beverly through her bondage paces, tormenting her with several tight binds and severe gags, and awkward positions as well as minimal clothing, finally converting Beverly into a full-time bondage slave both for her pleasure and those of several clients as well. Will Beverly adapt to her new role in life or will she rebel and give Aida a comeuppance? Watch and see.

*This is the entire video of course, so be warned. Fans of Susan Blair will be disappointed, since she doesn't make an appearance in the movie.*

Download the Movie

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