Saturday, October 31, 2009

Autumnal Blessings

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics

A Safe and blessed Samhain to everyone. Now is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is stretched thinnest to remember the ones we love who have crossed the bridge and into the next phase of life beyond this one. Light an honor candle in front of their picture, drink a toast, and tell stories to those who weren't as fortunate to know them so their memories find fresh fertile soil to germinate.

Bright Blessings,

Halloween Drive-In Double Feature

Microwave Massacre *Web Rip*

Sarah Alt plays Evelyn the hateful sister-in-law of a poor working shlub who in a fit of hungry pique has killed, microwaved and eaten his wife. When she discovers her sister's nap is actually of the long dirt variety, she freaks out - so he stuff a small loaf of bread in her mouth, ties her up and stuffs her in a closet for the remainder of the story (as he can't bring himself to eat anyone as old, ugly and bitter as she is.)

Things We Learned From Watching this Movie

1. Nothing says high couture viewing experience like the opening shot being of girl's ginourmous boobs jiggling vigorously.
2. Once upon a time microwave ovens were about the size of a refrigerator.
3. At a distance or under the right drugs, A human head is indistinguishable from a bowling ball with a mask stretched over it.
4. Parading around in a chicken costume in front of a hungry cannibal is just asking for it.
5. Vibrators can be used as gardening tools.

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Last House on the Left *HQ DVD Rip*

Sandra Cassell and Lucy Grantham play friends Mari Collingwood and Phyllis Stone, two small town girls on their way to a concert in the big city, but a detour to find some pot winds up getting the girls kidnapped, bound, gagged and stuffed in the trunk of a car by some low-lifes. Things take a nasty and violent turn after that.

*The incongruous nature of the light-hearted good-ol' boy getaway music as they are loading one of the girls into the car trunk always stuck with me when I've watched this movie, considering what winds up happening to the girls in the end. I can only stand to see this film about once a year. It's fairly tame by today's jaded standards, but it's still a gruesome shocking visceral sort of horror film.*

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: "The Nightmare Before Christmas" *HQ Web Rip*

In this wonderfully bizarre Tim Burton stop-motion animated film, Sally the Ragdoll attempts to rescue Santa Claus from the clutches of Oogie-Boogie but is captured herself and tied up alongside him on a platform, while the villain tosses his loaded dice to determent when they both get dumped into a swirling vat of something nasty (as opposed to if). Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King dashes to rescue them.

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*Technically not a Saturday Morning Cartoon, but it is animated and it does fit the Halloween theme for the day :) *

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Struggle All You Want

In this collection of barefoot bondage tales, first up Joy Fox and Janet Kennedy are two tired office girls caught in the path of a unpleasant lady in search of the company payroll. She leaves Joy OTM gagged and tied kneeling to her overturned office chair, with Janet not far behind her in similar restraints. After that Tatiana Varga is a catburglar who captures and ties up and silences Kouri Mazil as she's napping in her lingerie on the living room couch. But when she tries to get the better of Sophie Hunter, the tables and knots are quickly turned and she's the one struggling helplessly. Next Joy and Janet experience intricate toe ties in addition to their stout bondage and gags as they wriggle in bra and panties on a bed. Afterward, Tatiana and Kouri are the star pupils at Sophie's bondage class, but their struggles take a turn for the worse when Sophie has secret plans in store for the pair. Next, Joy is angry with her room mate Janet- so much so she steals all her clothes when she moves out, leaving her struggling tied and gagged in her underwear. But payback's a bitch we soon discover with Joy tied spreadeagle on the pool table, then a timely intervention puts both girls back to back on the lawn until a peaceful resolution can be found. Lastly, Tatiana struggles furiously in a cross-ankle hogtie.

*It's a small file in Realmedia format, but the picture isn't the best, be warned. My video thumbnailer decided to crash on me so I improvised a solution. And with that, another week at DT draws to an end. thanks so much for your emails, requests and comments. You guys and gals have been great. Until we meet again saturday morning, I bid you all a good afternoon and and a good night !!*

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So what's your favorite scary movie?

It's cliche this time of year, but what the hey- use the comments section and tell what your favorite scary movie is and why and what scared you about it.

Mine would be: 28 days later; a super virus turning the human population into berserk killing machines is very frightening and very intriguing premise for me. Waking up to see your hometown in ruins with these things that used to be human stalking you- shudder. There's nothing quite like passing time in a lecture with a virologist who savors telling long disturbing stories about the level 5 Biohazardous material he works with on a daily basis as part of the recent training for worse case scenarios to tweak your nerves about the possibility of what a truly heinous outbreak 'could' do to the population.

Your turn...

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Forever Knight :'Black Buddha Pt. 2' *HQ DVD Rip*

Lisa Ryder plays Detective Tracy Vetter, Nick's new partner after Detective Don Schanke is killed by a bomber. In this clip, she has been taken by Javier Vachon to the lair of another vampire named Screed, after she proves to be a resistor- one whose mind cannot be manipulated by a vampire's powers to figure out what's to be done with her after she witnesses Vachon killing and feeding off of a man. Screed of course recommends simply killing her. Tracy sits gagged and tied to a chair while the debate ensues.

*Ah, Forever Knight; a show that could have been more, but never strove much higher than average. The 3rd season is where some of the best stories and the worst mistakes were made. I never liked Vachon or Nick's new partner but they fit this new meandering vein (pun intended) the program seemed to have fallen into. Sigh...*

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Strawberry Trussed Up In Her Slip

Pix of Strawberry provided by True Crime Pictorials

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Wizard of Oz *HQ DVD Rip*

Judy Garland plays Dorothy Gale in this classic family adventure film. In this sequence, Dorothy and the three companions are attacked by the Wicked Witch of the West's army of flying monkeys. Dorothy and Toto are captured and taken back to the Witch's castle. There the Witch attempts to reclaim the enchanted Ruby slippers once worn by her sister from Dorothy and is shocked by their protective magic. The Witch determines that the slippers will never be hers so long as Dorothy is still alive, so she locks her up with an hourglass winding down showing how long before she does the dark deed.

*One of the best movies ever made- period, and the cornerstone of many a childhood. If you've never cowered behind the living room couch when the Wicked Witch took the TV screen, you were never really a kid. I vaguely remember this movie being a bit of a Thanksgiving holiday staple on our CBS affiliate station for years. There was some debate about whether or not I should post a clip from this immortal classic film, considering there is nothing fetishistic or bondage related in it at all. But the content is pure damsel in distress nonetheless, so I decided it would be foolish to ignore it entirely.*

Wizard of Oz Trivia

Margaret Hamiliton (the wicked witch) said she was tinted green for weeks after filming the movie.

Actor Buddy Ebsen was originally cast as the Tin Woodsman, but he had a severe allergic reaction to the aluminum powder in the make-up and had to drop out.

Judy Garland's blouse was in reality not white but pale pink. True white did not photograph properly in Technicolor and made the blue of her checked dress seem too bright.

Throughout the rest of his career, Jack Haley (the Tin Man) denounced the idea that the making of this film was enjoyable. He frequently quipped "Like Hell, it was; it was work!"

Judy Garland was made to wear a corset under her dress to make her look more like a child since the character Dorothy was supposed to be only 11 years old.

The "little people" on the set were paid $50 per week for a 6-day work week, while Toto received $125 per week.

During the haunted forest scene, several actors playing the Winged Monkeys were injured when the piano wires suspending them snapped, dropping them several feet to the floor of the sound stage.

A reprise of "Over the Rainbow" was filmed, in which Dorothy was remembering Kansas while being imprisoned in the Witch's castle. Judy Garland began to cry, along with the crew, because the song was so sad. It was later cut.

Another scene cut from the movie was a song and dance bit called "The Jitterbug" but it's referenced in the film by the Wicked Witch saying that she'd sent ahead 'a little insect to take the fight out of them'.

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The Slave Leia Costume

First, we have Carrie Fisher in the original costume.

Aside from being Peter Brady's main squeeze, I don't know what Adrianne Curry's claim to fame is, but here she is in that famous costume.

Next, we have G4 hostess for Attack of the Show, Olivia Munn.

Finally we have a few random convention babes.

Rhianna's Latest Pseudo Bondage

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Toolbox Murders *HQ DVD Rip*

Angela Bettis plays Nell Barrows in this extremely violent remake of the 1970's slasher flick. Renovations at an old Hollywood hotel causes a supernatural evil in the cellars to re-awaken and begin to kill off the residents one by one in very gruesome ways. At the climax of this film, Nell is grabbed by the killer and carried off to his grisly 'work shop' where he straps her to table, draws a mystical symbol on her forehead with grease, and pulls a cloth away to reveal- a huge buzzsaw blade. He activates the saw as Nell bucks and struggles...

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