Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year !!

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May Your 2010 be better to you than 2009 !!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sasha's Top Ten Favorites for 2009

10. Jennifer's Body
Terrible movie; terrific scene.

9. 77 Sunset Strip 'The Canine Caper'
I just looooove that accent!

8. GrayEagle
Three words: big leather gag

7. The Amazing Spiderman 'Escort to Danger'
Young Madeline Stone looking so innocent cute and helpless.

6. Whiz Kids 'May I Take your Order, Please?'
Cute damsels held in unexpected locations appeals to me for some reason.

5. Once a Thief 'Mac Daddy'
Good use of duct tape and Sandrine Holt has the loveliest butt I've seen on the small screen in a while.

4. Charlie's Angels 'Marathon Angels'
Ginormous OTM gags. Fake as hell, but who cares? It looks good.

3. The Avengers 'The Gravediggers'
A lovely send-up of the 'Damsel on the Railroad Tracks' peril.

2. Wonder Woman 'Fausta the Nazi Wonder Woman'
Wonder Woman in a mask for sake of the plot, the longest chloroform scene I've ever laid eyes on and bondage galore!!

and my #1 Favorite clip of the Year:

1. Single White Female
If you've ever looked for a roommate, you hope and pray she isn't a psychopath. A realistic peril brought to life on film.

So what's your Top Ten ??

*And with that another week and the year 2009 draws to a close here at DT. Thanks again for visiting and making this year busy, interesting and above all- possible ! I wouldn't be doing this without your emails, suggestions and comments. Thanks again. You guys and gals have been terrific !!

I wish you a good afternoon, good night and a happy new year. I'll see you again Saturday morning. :)

Sasha *

Wolfibound: A Michelle and Doren Video Clip Collection *Web Rip*

Another video clip collection from Wolfibound's site. This first bit focuses on giggly model Michelle. I mean she giggles a lot. Her clips are very short, but fans of gag-talk will enjoy the three brief clips here. First she's seated on a bed, then on a couch semi-hogtied where her exertions almost toss her completely to the floor, then she tied standing upright. Following this is model Doren's only available clip of the girl tied to a chair with many many bandanas, her head encased and cleave-gagged with additional bandannas as well. Wolfi steps in to remove the head covering only to replace it with a stuffed cleave gag and a blindfold before we watch doren giggle, wiggle and jiggle in her chair. The end bit is comprised a pair of 2 tie clips with Michelle and model Sandra tied up. Michelle quickly slips free in both and unties the other girl. In the first one the girls are in living room semi-hogtied, then the scene returns to another bedroom and a similar situation.

Download the Clip

Other clip collections
Sandy in Bondage

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Bondage Life #72

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In addition to the regular features, this issue includes an "Innerview" with Harmony veteran Chelsea Pfieffer, a tribute and article about bondage artist Eric Stanton, an article regarding Naomi Tani the Queen of Japanese bondage movies, film-making observations by Jon Woods, and a bit from bondage saga Book Two of "The Mansion".

Download Here

A Very Brady Sequel *HQ Web Rip*

In this second tongue-in-cheek parody of the famous TV sit-com, Shelley Long plays Carol Brady, Christine Taylor plays Marcia Brady, Jennifer Elise Cox plays Jan Brady, Olivia Hack plays Cindy Brady, and Henriette Mantel plays spunky housekeeper Alice. when the kids discover the man whose been staying with them isn't Carol's long-lost first husband, but an impostor- he pulls a gun and kidnaps Carol, but leaves the kids and Alice tied up on the famous Brady staircase, all as part of his plan to steal a ceramic horse worth 20 million dollars to a collector.

*Cute movie. Christine's reincarnation of Marcia Brady was just perfect, it was almost eerie.*

Warning ! Young Damsels !

Download the Clip


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Running late, had a corrupted file. It's fixed now......

The Adventure of the Jade Skull *Serialized Fiction* Concluding Chapters

Sasha's been kidnapped and her friends are being prepared for something awful at the terrible Temple of Bast. But what? Click here to read the final exciting two chapters.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Gone Too Soon: Brittany Murphy Passes Away

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Brittany Murphy has died at the young age of 32. The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to an emergency call and transported Murphy to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where paramedics say Murphy was pronounced dead on arrival. At the time of this posting, the death has been ruled a a cardiac arrest.

I know this is old news, and she wasn't exactly a huge splash on the DID scene, but 32 is simply too young an age to die. So sad :(

The Six Million Dollar Man: 'The Peeping Blonde' *HQ Web Rip*

The late Farrah Fawcett plays snooping reporter Victoria Webster, who has caught Steve Austin on film using his bionics. Unfortunately, her editor is desperate for money and passes the film onto some ruthless mercenary types, who plan to kidnap Steve and leave no witnesses behind afterward. Victoria is taken into the camper at gunpoint and bound with her own scarf, hands overhead, the vents and windows are closed and the gas stove is turned on...

Download the Clip

The Adventure of The Jade Skull *Serialized Fiction* Part Six

A narrow escape from a deadly scorpion and being sealed up and shipped off to the South Pole ! Iraqi thugs in hot pursuit! You call this archeology? Read the next two chapters by clicking here.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

UK Listerine Strips Advertisement *Web Rip*

Played for laughs oddly enough, two SAS Unit officers break into an abandoned building where a woman sits bound, gagged and tied to a chair, mmphing emphatically. The lead officer removes her tape gag and hilarity ensues...

*Found in my wanderings, my thanks to the original creator.*

Download the Clip

Three Stooges: 'A Snitch In Time' *Web Rip*

Jean Willes plays Miss Scudder in this short subject, where the Stooges are three carpenters she's hired to spruce up the furniture in her boarding house. Unfortunately, her new tenants in the building are also three bandits who just knocked off a jewelry store. The poor woman is seen gagged and tied to a chair, while one of the thugs makes off with her family heirlooms.

*Thanks Joe for the tip !*

Download the Clip