Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mr. Stitch has A Blog Now

Yahoo Groups (or Yahell as most people in the adult/fetish scene know them) has been giving the good doctor a raw deal and so he's re-opened The Lab as a Blog now. Go check it out !!

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back *Web Rip*

Louise Campbell plays Phyllis Clavering in this classic film from 1937. Phyllis is kidnapped by an evil countess who wants revenge on Drummond for the death of her husband. After using Phyllis' cries for help to lure our stalwart hero into a trap, we next see her dropped roughly into the tower of an abandoned castle, bound and gagged for Drummond and his companion to find. However, the door is now locked and the tower is filling with flammable gas, with a ticking time bomb to boot.

You can watch the film in its entirety in the Web Archive.

Download the Clip

Re: Really nice scene in the New Sherlock Holmes movie

It's already hosted here. That's what the search function is for, silly.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aoi Hitomi to Nuage *Decent Quality Web Rip*

In the opening moments of this Japanese crime thriller, several female patrons at a dance club are being held hostage by a madman with a knife. The women are herded, seated and whimpering on the dance floor bound and cleave gagged with strips torn from their dresses, while their captor clutches another hostage tightly. The police storm the place under a cloud of tear gas and smoke to rescue them.

Download the Clip

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Totally Spies "Wild Style" *HQ Web Rip*

The girls are called in when a the cruise ship Julia goes missing in the Mediterranean. During the mission, Clover is bitten by a weird insect and finds herself slowly turning into a cat. In the mastermind's lair, an unfortunate sneeze from Alex (who's allergic to cats) gets the the girls netted and captured. Clover-kitty is sealed in a glass tube, while Sam and Alex are shackled to the unnecessarily slow-moving dipping mechanism over a pool of skin softener prior to their own treatment which will make them into human animal hybrids. The girls escape and go after Clover to Milan Italy, and a fur coat processing center. After a ferocious battle with some henchmen, Sam and Alex are once more captured, tied back to back and left on the conveyor belt feeding into the coat skinning machine.

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*Good morning !*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sandy in Scarf Bondage

From Wolfibound comes another combined clip of favorite model Sandy dressed in little white shorts and a tight blue top, once more enduring Wolfie's tight, layered scarf bondage, blindfolds and gags. First she's tied gagged and blindfolded crouching on the floor, wrists bound to either ankle, elbows tied to either knee. Afterward, she's ball-gagged and blindfolded while tied to a chair until she manages to escape. Lastly, she's in a cross-ankle hogtie with scarves, gagged and blindfolded. Wolfie occasionally steps in to add and adjust things as the scenes play out, which are his trademarks.

Download here

And another week of DT closes. Thanks again for visiting and for your emails, comments, and suggestions. Look for more from my serialized story A Life In Ruins next week as well as more from the Black Widow serial too. Until Saturday morning when we meet again, I bid you all a pleasant afternoon and a good evening.