Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danger on Her Heels *Decent Web Rip*

Finally to conclude this edition Fetish Tuesday, we have this multiple damsel classic from Harmony Communications. A government agent finds Eve Ellis handcuffed, bound and gagged in her house. He removes her gag asks her to tell him what happened, and she spins a wild tale of seeing a women grabbed, bound and and locked into the trunk of a car. She calls the police, but recognizes the investigating detective as the man who seized her! The imposter overpowers Ms. Ellis and leaves her tied and gagged in the grimy basement while he ransacks her house, then spirits the hapless heroine to his hideout, where she's left trussed up in a closet. She's released by a beautiful blonde ( Kim Mansfield ), then consulted by a gorgeous spy ( Kelly Ashton ). The stunned brunette falls into the bad guys' clutches again, but is her rescuer really who she says she is? Or does he have yet another surprise for the danger-prone beauty?

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Lisa- The Industrial Spy

Talk about a rough day at work ! Lisa is sure there's a spy at the office, but before she can report her suspicions, she's nabbed by the guy who carts her off to an office and leaves her tied to a chair. Afterward she's stripped down and tied across the conference table in just her bra and panties, before being tied up on a dolly and taken to the store room out of the way until he can decide what to do with her.

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Who's Hogging the Bathroom ?!

Why it's Autumn Woods, but not of her own free will as she's perched bound and gagged on the toilet in her slip and sandal style pumps, wriggling energetically but futilely in her bonds. She manages to make it to the floor, but it doesn't help her lot in the least and then winds up in the bathtub with her top down.

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Boundtown: Virginy- The Escape Artist

Next up we have lovely model Virginy dressed as a maid trussed up with thin white ropes and gagged with white tape in the kitchen. With determined struggles the girl frees herself. Enjoy !

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