Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lexx 'Supernova' *HQ Web Rip*

Scene #1

Ellen Dubin plays Giggerota the Wicked, who was believed killed in the pilot episode when Kai tossed her into a deep chasm inside the Lexx, but rises from a pool to wreak havoc again. Frustrated when she can't pry open Kai's cryo-tube to feast on him, she maliciously tries to sabotage the unit by ripping out some of hoses and wires attached to it. Zev and Stanley discover her, and Giggerota decides she'll eat them instead, starting with Zev, but Kai awakens and garrotes her with his extendable bracer weapon. Stanley gags Giggerota and ties her in a standing spread-eagle with some fabric so they can resume their search for planet Brunnis (Kai's ancestral home) undisturbed- or so they believed.

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*Not a 'damsel' in the truest sense, I know but an interesting clip.*

Scene #2

Eva Haberman once more plays Zev Bellringer of B3K in this extended clip. On planet Brunnis, Zev and Kai are clamped to slabs in the Memory Chamber, and are about to experience the 'Burst of Life' that is- being sliced in half with a circular saw from the crotch upwards and your intelligence and memory recorded on a storage disc at the moment of your death. Kai is processed first, then the mechanism turns on Zev, and she has an even worse time of it as the machine keeps switching on and off due to the actions of Stanley and Giggerota fighting over the planet's main power source. Can Stanley Tweedle summon up the courage to save Zev from certain death ?

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