Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoons- Galaxy Trio: "Space Slaves" *HQ Web Rip*

In this clip from the classic Hanna-Barbara cartoon show, Gravity Girl is kidnapped via 'displacement beam' by the eeevil Elrathe of the Pyramid Planet, a would-be Sultan of the Universe, who needs her scientific knowledge to refine an element that powers his enslavement ray. Gravity Girl of course will have nothing to do with it and makes a break for freedom, only to get zapped, trapped, and wrapped with Elrathe's mummifying ray-gun. He fits her with two enslavement rings to keep her enthralled, so she'll work for him. Later, Meteor man and Vapor Man arrive to rescue her, and Gravity Girl is briefly hand-gagged and held tightly so the heroes can free her from Elrathe's mind control.

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