Sunday, May 30, 2010

Danger Theatre is 3 Years old Today !!

Who would have believed it? A blog I began as both a lark and a homage would still be up and running after all this time. I credit YOU, my loyal visitors for this accomplishment. I say it time and again, without you this blog simply would not exist, and I am profoundly happy and deeply moved by your steadfast support and your expressions of appreciation and encouragement every time I open this blog to update it.

Thank you again and again, you guys and gals are the best. I will try and poke my head in from time to time while I'm away, but otherwise I'll see everyone June 10th.

Farewell and thanks again,


A Life in Ruins Chapter 8 *Serialized Fiction*

Suspicion and jealousy rear their ugly heads and the Yorkshires and the Bikini Bandits begin to circle each other like sharks who smell blood in the water. What can this mean for our intrepid adventurers?

Read it Here

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Tentatively there's an update for Sunday morning. Right now- 1001 final things to do !! XD

Life with Archie Issue #203

From those fabulous boys over at the C3C Yahoo group, comes scans of this issue of the comic entitled Treasure and Treachery.the Archie gang including Betty & Veronica wind up captives to a bunch of Incas looking for a sacrifice to their green goddess statue and choose Veronica !

Elite Dance by Damian 'Hostages'

From a contributor comes this curious video of the Elite Dance by Damian Troupe doing a performance piece with their hands seemingly tied behind their backs and gagged with red fabric, incorporating the struggles and thrashing of their bound and gagged captive characters into the dance routine.

Warning ! Young Damsels !!

Download the Clip

*The pictures do not reflect the actual size of the video, but were expanded for additional detail. This was originally posted on Youtube, but has been removed by the owner. *

Jonah Hex Trailer *HQ Web Rip*

Megan Fox plays 'fallen woman' Leila in this western action adventure loosely based on the DC comic series of the same name about a man whose soul crosses over from life to death and back again after he and his family are brutally attacked, granting him strange unexplainable powers. At some point, Leila and Jonah are shown strung up with handcuffs for safe-keeping by the baddies. Jonah asks if she still has her knife or derringer, but she calmly replies that the men took everything- to which Jonah responds "They searched you pretty good then?" To which she replies lasciviously,"Wouldn't you ?" HA!!

*You know you're in for a special sort of movie when it features a guy riding a horse with two hand-cranked Gatling guns mounted on either side of the saddle. Score a second scene for Megan Fox. I might almost forgive her for making Transformers and Jennifer's Body nearly unwatchable.*

Download the Trailer

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space 'The Mini-Man Menace' *HQ Web Rip*

In this clip from premise stretching cartoon series that's half Josie and the Pussycats and half Lost in Space, the gang's space ship is brought down on a strange planet by the mighty Midgco, mini ruler of the planet, equipped with an army of robots with rope-shooting guns (gotta get me one of those someday, lol.) After several evasion attempts, they are captured by Midgco- first ditsy Melody and her annoying pet Bleep-Bleep and then the remainder.

Download the Clip

*They messed up here. Melody had already been captured earlier, so what was she doing getting captured again with the rest? Silly.*

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bondage Awards Results Are In

2010 Award Winners

We hope everyone had a good time voting and participating in the awards and we look forward to next year!

Nominees are from stage two only. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Best Model

Best Rigger

Best Model Nominees

Best Rigger Nominees

Best Free Website

Best Pay Website

Best Free Site Nominees

Best Pay Site Nominees

Best Writer

Best Comic Artist

Best Writer Nominees

Best Comic Artist Nominees

Best Product

Best Retailer

Best Product Nominees

Best Retailer Nominees

Best Photographer

Best Company

Thanks again to everyone who voted.It's good to see some of the classic recognized sites and artists make such a strong comeback this year, even if they didn't actually 'win'. Hats off to Gromet and the Wizard for their big wins !!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boundtown: Giovanna Cosotto and Gisy hostages

Lastly we have this clip from defunct Boundtown of Giovanna and Gisy trussed up in a panel van in matching black outfits, tight tops and leather pants and boots as well as matching black cleave gags tied hand and foot and wriggling away in their efforts to escape. only thing missing is some sort of diabolical time-bomb for them to be rescued from.

Download the Clip

*And that concludes Fetish Tuesday and this edition of Danger Theatre. Thanks again for making it all possible. A double, triple, quadruple thank you to everyone who voted for this site for best free site at the Bondage Awards. Your overwhelming support touches me and makes it all worthwhile. Thanks again for another incredible week !!

The girl and I are planning vacation the first week of June, but there will be a Saturday update beforehand. The plan is to be home before June 10th.

Until next time we meet, I bid you all good health and happiness and I wish you a good afternoon and a great night.

-Sasha- *