Monday, May 3, 2010

The Bounty Hunter *WS HQ Web Rip*

Jennifer Aniston plays Nicole Hurley in the romantic comedy about an investigative reporter following leads on a story about dirty cops involved with drugs, who also has an outstanding warrant for a number of unpaid parking tickets, with her ex-husband as the bounty hunter coming to collect her. In the opening bit, the pair confront each other outside a race track, but Nicole is determined to not be taken in.

"Duly noted," her ex-hubby says before hoisting her onto his shoulder and depositing her in the trunk of his car.They have a conversation via cellphone with Nicole still in the trunk. Later at a car wash, Nicole is seen handcuffed to the inside of the car door, as he tries vainly to convince her he has moved on to a happier single life without her. At a posh hotel, he handcuffs her to the bed so he can spend a night in peace drinking and gambling and in the morning Nicole tries to convince the maid nothing strange is going on. Finally, he brings Nicole to the police station determined to collect his bounty even though he still loves her.

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