Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Runaway *Web Rip*

Conspiracy, treachery, robbery and betrayal fuel this tale of bound and gagged girls from Harmony Concepts. A burglar leaves roomies Cecelia Lamb and Mina Lee bound and gagged, but the intruder steals only documents from Mina's work. However, Mina is framed and arrested for embezzlement, but she escapes and comes to her former roommate for refuge and aid in helping her clear herself. The lovely Asian keeps the blond tied and gagged so she doesn't run to the law, but wicked Sabrina Stone overpowers them both so she can destroy the evidence which would incriminate her. Three vignettes starring girl next door model Kelsie Chambers follow.

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*And that will have to do for this edition of Fetish Tuesday as well as Danger Theatre. Thanks for making it all possible. You guys and gals are the best audience I could ask for. We'll kick the tires on this thing again Saturday morning. Until then, I wish you health, happiness and peace. Good afternoon and good night !!*

From Bondage Mischief

Comes this clip as a warning to all business ladies as to what can happen when you give someone who knows their knots and gags bad financial advice !!

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No Rest for Ariel

From the now defunct Boundtown. Ariel is enjoying an afternoon nap only to be accosted by a masked chloroform-wielding intruder who grapples with her and drugs her unconscious. Ariel awakes leashed to the bed, with arms and hands tied behind her back, her ankles crossed and bound and her mouth muffled with a wrap-around bandage gag.

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