Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mother's Day Remake in the works

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The classic 80's Troma films slasher is getting a modern spin and re-do according to the IMDB as well as the Bloody Disgusting website.

From the Bloody Disgusting website: "Three brothers on the run from the law head for home, only to discover that their mother lost the house in a foreclosure. Mother ingeniously orchestrates her sons' escape, teaching the house's new owners and their guests a few lessons along the way."

No release date is forthcoming, so I sense that this might be a straight-to-DVD film. But one DID of note in the film will be Alexa Vega !

*Thanks to those fabulous boys over at Brian's page for this hot tip !!*

At Risk *HQ WS Web Rip*

Andie McDowell plays district attorney Monique Lamont, who finds her political aspirations for the governor's office stymied by an unsolved murder. Returning home from a late night at the office, Monique is accosted by a thug, who takes her into the house at knife-point. There, he ties her to the bed with pantyhose (ankles together, arms outstretched) and gags her , then leisurely pours some gasoline all around the bed and then striking a match. "Not yet," he teases and blows it out, wanting to savor her distress. Meanwhile her hunky beefcake of a cop sidekick finally puts 2+2 together and realizes there's trouble and dashes to the rescue. The thug jumps him and a fight ensues.

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Housebroken *HQ WS DVD Rip*

Played for laughs, Katey Sagal plays Mary Cathkart in this comedy about a father determined to force his two grown-up slacker sons become men and move out of the house by any means necessary, even if it means kidnapping his over-weaning wife and forcing her to join him camping. After blissfully preparing their first breakfast he unlocks the cabin door (locked from the outside with a stout padlock, no less) and she makes a break for it. He trips her and grand melee breaks out between the two in front of a family of innocent campers and their impressionable little daughter. Later, Tom enjoys some fishing at the dock with Mary at his side- albeit she's tied to her chair with bungee cords. Lastly, as Tom spies on the boys via webcam (he's had the house wired), Mary knocks out a window with the beer cooler and sprints for freedom. Tom loads up a tranquilizer rifle and gives chase. Mary bounds (and bounces, hee-hee) through the woods with her hubby hot on her heels and she tries to flag down a minivan. Tom darts her and she collapses.

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