Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interactive Damsel by Sikstiks

Interactive Damsel by ~sikstiks on deviantART

Finishing our art theme, here's a cute little flash game that lets you do as you will with any one of four anime style damsels in distress. Enjoy !! This is really just a link to the Deviant Art file :). Click the ball-gagged damsel pic to go to the game file. You may need an account with Deviant Art to use this.

Interactive Damsel Instructions:

After the preloader, press play. You'll be brought to a selection screen that will display four damsels: Liana, Heather, Rachel, and Sally. The first three are my own OCs, the last is one of my good friend *diosummers. Click on the highlighted box to select your damsel. You can click the Q key during any session to return to the selection screen and select another damsel.

Once you have selected your damsel, you will be brought to the main screen, where you will see a variety of things, including all of the menus and in the center your chosen damsel. The damsel you choose starts off with her own outfit and underwear, but you are free to change that at any time.


The lingerie menu is located furthest to the left of the screen. There are 21 sets that you can choose for your damsel to wear. She starts off with her own set, but you can change to any of the other 20 by clicking on the color with your cursor. The color will be highlighted in the menu, meaning that you can select it by clicking it. (note: you cannot remove lingerie completely, there is no full nudity in this game)


Next to the lingerie menu is a column of three separate boxes: blouses, tees, and camisoles. These are the various tops that your damsel may wear. Click on a selection to replace her current top. Also, you may click the X next to "blouses" in order to remove her top completely.


Bottoms are divided into two categories: skirts and bottoms. Select these as you would a top or lingerie, and take it off of your damsel by clicking the X next to "skirts."


Stockings go on your damsel's thighs. There are applied and removed just as other articles of clothing are.


This is your primary menu; it is what separates this from a normal dress-up game. I will describe what each tool does and how to use certain techniques in these following sections. IMPORTANT: To select a tool, click on it with the free hand active. To drop a tool, press the SPACE key. Also, to remove binds, gags, and blindfolds, click them with the free hand.


There are four varieties of tape: duct, red, black, and clear. Each can be applied to the eyes as a blindfold (except for clear tape), to the mouth as a gag, and to the damsel's body to bind her in three places (above the breasts, around the stomach, and around the thighs). While selected, click the mouse while the tape is over the desired target area to apply it.


A special technique that can be used with tape. While your desired tape is selected, press the M key on your keyboard to mummify your damsel. This will automatically remove other bonds and strip her to her underwear. To undo the mummification, press the N key.


The rope is used just like the tape to bind your damsel in the same three locations.


The cloth has a variety of purposes, which I will list here:
-With the cloth selected, click the damsel's mouth to cleave gag her. If the damsel's mouth is already stuffed with panties (visibly), then a stuffed cleave will be applied. If the damsel is already cleave gagged, then an OTN gag will be applied.
-Click the cloth over the damsel's eyes to blindfold her, just as you would with tape.
-With the cloth selected, click the chloroform bottle at the bottom of the tools box to change to the chloroform tool. Hold down the mouse over the damsel's mouth/nose region to apply the chloroform until she falls asleep. She will remain asleep for 60 seconds, meanwhile you can still change clothes, binds, gags, etc.

Ball Gag

This is applied just as a tape gag or cloth gag would be.


This is applied just like other gags to stuff her mouth. After the damsel's mouth is stuffed, apply a cloth to her mouth for a stuffed cleave, or clear tape to her mouth for a stuffed tape gag.


With the paddle selected, position it behind the damsel's behind and click the mouse to spank her.


With the feather selected, hold down the mouse while moving the feather across her body to tickle her.


see "Cloth"