Sunday, October 31, 2010

Popcorn *HQ Ws Web Rip*

Finally, we conclude our annual Halloween foray into horror movies with this lengthy clip from a 90's slasher film about a killer stalking a B-movie horror marathon. Jill Shoelen plays Maggie and Dee Wallace-Stone plays her mother Suzanne. In the shadows of the theater, Maggie is stalked by an ominous figure accompanied by eerie screams and groans who captures her with a throaty "Welcome home." Maggie is strapped into a makeup chair and the killer Toby tells the terrifying story about how he was likewise caught in a fire at a theater 15 years ago, but unlike Maggie, his mother burned to death and he was burned horribly all over and had to get by using clever masks and prosthetics. Toby reveals Suzanne gagged with tape and sealed inside a full body cast. His plan is to replicate the cult movie Possessor that was playing onscreen at the time and kill Maggie and her mom before the live audience ! He gives Maggie a sedative so he can place her inside an iron maiden style contraption disguised as a white dress and wheels Suzanne in place offstage with the video camera rolling.

Download the Clip

*The clip is over 14 minutes long, be aware of it. Maggie's bondage is implied rather than shown, which is annoying :(*

*We return to our usual fare tomorrow. Until then, Happy Halloween !!*