Monday, January 31, 2011

Spy Hard *Ws Hq Web Rip*

In this Leslie Nielsen James Bond spoof, Nicollette Sheridan plays Veronique Ukrinsky (Agent 3.14) who is kidnapped by General Rancor's thugs and spirited off in a van. Our hero finds her being held captive at a nunnery/hospital, strapped in a hospital bed and rescues her. Later, on Rancor's island base a henchman drops a cage but catches Veronique in it alone and so he and our hero duke it out. Afterward, Miss Cheevus (played by Marcia Gay Harden) who has been feeding the villain information about our hero learns that the tables turn quickly and she's sent to dungeons when General Rancor has no more use for her Finally, toward the climax of the movie Stephanie Romanov plays Barbra Dahl who is seen chained to a wall, trying in vain to drink a Diet Coke before being escorted to a place of honor atop General Rancor's rocket and manacled there to await her doom, but our hero springs into action, well-- sort of....

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2001: A Space Travesty *HQ Web Rip*

Ophelie Winter plays Cassandra Menage in this "Frank Dreben in space" style action spoof, where the President of the U.S. is kidnapped. In this clip, Cassandra is captured by a tentacled alien, but not before she scrawls a message in glue on her door. She's found by out hero on a lab table covered in a bubble-wrap sheet , wearing bubblewrap bodysuit (??) and gagged with translucent tape.

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Girls on Youtube: "Our Hostage Situation"

From user Shelbymiller531 comes this video of a friend of hers voluntarily being done up practically head to foot with blue tape and then breaking herself out of it.

Warning ! Young Damsel !!

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