Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scrubs: "My Princess" *Decent Web Rip*

Dr. Cox returns home after a long terrible day but is still compelled by his wife to tell their son a bedtime story. So he incorporates the latest hospital melodrama into a fairy tale, casting Dr. Elliot Reid (played by Sarah Chalke) as a Princess who is forced to recruit the village idiot to recover a magical ring to defeat a monster. In their quest in the Forbidden Forest, the Princess and her companion are stopped by a friendly giant who warns them of the approach of "The Dark Lord", but it doesn't prevent them from being captured and spirited off to his dungeon to languish in chains. A tender moment almost takes place, but their manacles prevent it and then the Dark Lord sends them away without explanation.

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Katts & Dog: "Heartburn" *Web Rip*

In this extended clip, Denise Vireaux plays Officer Renee Daumier who hooks up with an old fiance who claims to be with INTERPOL, but instead is working with a group of terrorists. He becomes suspicious when she asks too many questions about some missing nerve gas and kidnaps her after their dinner together. Taking her to their headquarters, he has his thugs tie her up as part of his plan B to escape the city-wide dragnet. Renee is tied to a chair with an explosive device attached to her waist with several laser beams aimed at a diode, so that if the beams are broken, the bomb detonates. He sends a video tape of her plight to the cops to keep them at bay and so its up to the wonder mutt to save the day. After locating Renee in a warehouse, they wire up the super-pooch with a camera and speakers, and send him through the air ducts. The dog makes his way carefully over and unties to Renee's hands, but it's up to her to pull out the diode in one motion to disarm the device....

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