Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Magical Girl is Slimed

It's not what you think; but brushing aside the pitcher plant video clip and currently topping my weird stuff from Japan list comes this costume fetish video in which a damsel is overwhelmed by electrically charged slime and wakes up manacled to the ceiling to be tormented by the baddie before he casually drapes other slimes on her arms and cackles wickedly.

Download Here

*I'm issuing a caveat, because the girl looks awfully young, but I may be wrong.*

And so this edition of Danger Theatre comes to a close. Thanks again for visiting. Keep those questions, comments, emails, and suggestions coming ! Until Saturday morning, Brightest Blessings. Be safe and have fun !!

The Other One that Got Away

Note to self: hire thugs who can stay awake long enough to keep an eye on the snooping schoolgirl whose supposed to be securely tied to a chair in the back !!

Download Here