Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Just In: Nabber's Empire, a new online Bondage role-playing game

The NE project has been in development now for some time, it is nearly finished and will soon be closing it's open Beta stage to open up for a larger audience.

Nabber's Empire is an online game played in your browser, about Kidnappers who capture and ransom Damsels for money. The game has two types of player account: The Kidnapper, which involves strategy and resource management, as well as Role-playing. The ransom money is used to build up the players Lair, buy items, hire henchmen, etc. And The Damsel, which is focused less on tactics and instead centered around Role-playing. Interacting with other players and using a skill and stat system to snoop around the villains lairs and cause trouble.

The game is steadily growing into an active Role-playing community through it's support forum. Where you can meet and chat with other players who are all DiD and Bondage fans. The project is donation driven and free to play.

Nabber's Empire