Saturday, April 28, 2012

R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: "Stage Fright" *HQ WS Web Rip*

The decision to produce a cursed musical adaptation of the Hansel & Gretel story leads to on-stage mayhem when the actual witch from the story turns up and starts capturing the cast and crew. in the first bit Rayline (played by Brittney Wilson) is snatched after she gets her hand caught in a school vending machine. Later during the presentation, Lanie (played by MacKenzie Porter) is grabbed a dragged off backstage while she's eating a cookie, she manages a scream however-- much to the stage manager's annoyance (Keri, played by Heather-Claire Nortey). Keri later discovers Rayline, Lanie and a guy tied up and cleave gagged in a supply closet and goes for help, leaving them there. Meanwhile, Michelle ( played by Britt McKillip) is flexing, and stretching on a table and prepping herself for her scene as the witch, only to have her rehearsal interrupted by the real witch who casts a spell on her and folds the poor girl up like a pretzel. Later, the witch takes the stage and after closing the curtains on the players, and another quick spell, we see the entire cast tied up with apples wedged in their mouths gagging them. The witch gives her side of the story as the captives struggle and two kids are forced to sing for their lives....

*I love the twist ending, a very cute show.*

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