Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From French Tickling: Lisa Wrapped and Tickled Crazy

In this video from French Tickling, poor little Lisa struggles, gasps and giggles as her bare feet are mercilessly tickled and tongued as she lies helplessly bound with straps and rope as well as her lower half securely wrapped down with black plastic wrap.

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*So closes this Danger Theatre. Remember, I won't be updating at all next week as I'll be at a work conference, but I can still be reached by email. Until we meet again, I bid you Brightest Blessings, be safe and have fun !!*

Femme Objet

I'm not sure where this originated. Discovered in my wanderings and I've been hanged what to declare this clip ever since. A lovely girl in white bra and panties is all smiles as she's wrapped from the feet upward high-speed fashion with plastic wrap by a fellow in a lab coat and surgical hair net.

Download Here