Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inspector Mom: Kidnapped in 10 Easy Steps *Decent Web Rip*

In the opening moments of this made for TV movie, Melanie Rosemont (played by Haven Powers) is discovered bound, blindfolded and gagged in an alley and rescued by her husband. Afterward, Sandra Daines (played by Susana Gibb) is seen on the phone with her kidnappers giving the good guys ransom instructions. Her hands are tied in front, she's blindfolded, & a cloth gag is around her neck. We see her again later in the film, on the phone, & this time re-gagged after the call. She's eventually found tied, blindfolded, & over the mouth gagged in a chair behind a curtain as she's rescued and set free. Afterward, Harriet Korda (played by Karmyn Tyler) re-tells the story of her own abduction. Finally,  Maddie Monroe (played by Danica McKellar) gets grabbed and hand-gagged by a kidnapper. Her  mouth is briefly stuff-gagged and her hands are poorly bound and she manages to escape.

*Found whilst wandering, Not my work; looks like Raffish.*

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