Monday, November 26, 2012

Sin City *Hq Ws DVD Rip*

At the beginning of an extended clip from this stylized film noir based on the Frank Miller graphic novel, Makenzie Vega plays 11 year old Nancy Callahan who has been kidnapped by a senator's son who is a vicious child murderer. She's briefly seen tied to a chair before she's released to have a "little talk" with her soon-to-be killer, but his plans are destroyed by our aging hero cop who comes in guns blazing and shoots his henchmen dead. The killer escapes with Nancy, but our hero chases him to the docks and shoots him down.

In another story arc, Gail (played by gorgeous Rosario Dawson) has been betrayed by a new recruit to her circle of street girls into the hands of some mobsters. She's seen tied to a chair with large white rope as the cycloptic boss works her over with his bare hands. The torture is interrupted by an arrow shot through the window ( and through the stomach of one of his goons) with a note attached, demanding Gail's release in exchange for control of Oldtown.

The killer emerges later as Yellow Bastard ( a side effect from some regeneration treatments his father paid for) and he captures Nancy (this time played by Jessica Alba), her hands are tied in front and she's given an injection in the neck, while our hero is left to dangle from a noose with his hands tied behind him. Nancy is later seen kneeling in a nightgown, with her hands tied slightly above her head as Yellow Bastard whips her. Nancy won't scream regardless, frustrating Yellow Bastard. Our hero arrives, on his last legs, but still determined to save Nancy.  He stabs Yellow Bastard in the gut, emasculates him and then beats him to death ( HOORAY).

*I love this movie!*

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