Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Monster *Decent Web Rip*

Gertrude Olmstead plays Betty Watson in this extended clip from the classic silent horror picture starring The Man of 1000 faces, Lon Chaney. Toward the end of the movie Betty and our hero get captured and after some gloating with our hero who sits fastened in an electric chair, Betty is wheeled in strapped to a surgical table in a nightgown, covered in a veil. Mad Scientist Gustave Ziska plans to transfer the man's soul into her body or some such deal and commands one of his minions to make sure our hero is well secured. But the minion is a friend of our hero in disguise and sets him free. Gustave is overpowered gagged and tied to the chair in our hero's place, but not before giving his blind hulking manservant Caliban the order to kill the man in the chair. The heroes unstrap the heroine and escape.

Download the Clip