Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Watcher * Hq Ws Web rip*

In opening bit in this thriller about a serial killer, Yvonne Niami plays Lisa who gets hand-gagged and caught by the charming killer and soon  sits tape gagged and bound in a  chair while the killer takes her for a fun little spin around the living room and then forcing her to dance with him before doing his deadly work with her. Later,  a psychologist named Polly (played by Marisa Tomei) gets taken hostage by the killer, tape gagged and tied to a chair in his booby-trapped warren, which is also loaded with gas canisters. things get sketchy rather quickly after he brings an FBI agent who has been hunting him into his lair as well, and Polly is nearly strangled to death just so the killer can prove his control. Our hero finally rises to the occasion and saves the day.

*Not my work, thank you Sam !!*

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