Sunday, February 10, 2013

Peter Pan *Hq Ws Dvd Rip*

In this remake of the classic tale, not long after the Darling children arrive in Neverland, they get separated and the two brothers blunder into a trap set by Princess Tiger Lily (played by Carsen Gray), and wind up hanging by their heels from the trees just as Captain Hook and his men arrive, capture the princess and question her about Peter's whereabouts. She refuses to tell and after the boys foolishly announce themselves, all the kids are bound, loaded into a boat and taken to the Black Castle. There they are gagged and left chained to a rock in a lagoon with water creeping higher to serve as rescue bait for Peter Pan. But Peter fools the dim-witted Mr. Smee into releasing them.

Later, Wendy Darling (played by Rachel Hurd-Wood), her brothers and the bulk of the Lost Boys are captured by the pirates. Wendy is cleave gagged and carried off along with the other prisoners. Aboard the Jolly Roger, Wendy is kept tied to the mast and questioned by Hook about how to defeat Peter when it becomes clear his last attempt to kill him didn't work. Wendy refuses to talk of course, and so she's blindfolded with her hands tied behind her, and forced to walk the plank. Peter slips in to save her before she plummets into the ocean.

*Warning ! Young Damsels !!*

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