Sunday, June 30, 2013

Being John Malkovich *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Cameron Diaz plays Lotte Schwartz in this bizarre comedy about a nebbish puppet maker who discovers a magical portal to the inside of actor John Malkovich's mind (??). Later in the film, after he discovers his girlfriend lotte has been using the portal ( and hence John Malkovich's body) to have an affair with another woman, he flips out and attacks her, holding her at gunpoint. He forces her to set another date with the "other woman" and before tying her up, gagging her with duct tape and locking her in a cage with their pet chimp. She's seen inside the cage later, still gagged when re returns home bragging about controlling Malkovich's body. Afterward, he takes off the tape so he can force her to set up another meeting with the other woman and then gags her again. Later, the pet chimp has a flashback to the day he and his parents were captured by collectors and in a fit of remorse for not saving them, he unties Lotte.

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