Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Gets Kidnapped in "Life of Crime"

Jennifer Aniston joined her Life of Crime co-stars Will Forte and Tim Robbins to premiere their new Elmore Leonard crime comedy at the closing night of the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday. Set in late '70s Detroit, Life of Crime is based on the late Elmore Leonard's The Switch and is actually a prequel to Rum Punch (which was directed by Quentin Tarantino as Jackie Brown in 1997).

Fresh out of prison, where they bonded over their similar convictions for grand theft auto, Ordell (bey, also at the Festival in Can a Song Save Your Life?) and Louis (Hawkes) have already decided to team up when they catch wind of Frank Dawson (Tim Robbins), a Detroit property developer and secret embezzler. Their plan is simple: they'll kidnap Frank's country-club wife, Mickey (Jennifer Aniston), and hold her for ransom. What the duo didn't count on is that Frank's affections have turned to his perky young mistress, Melanie (played by the always charming Isla Fisher), and he may not be in a rush to rescue his spouse. Eliciting Mickey's insider knowledge, the crooks shift gears, frantically devising a new plan. The film is directed by Daniel Schechter.

Robbins was happy to be closing the prestigious festival with their film, and added, "We only wish Elmore Leonard could be with us."