Monday, November 18, 2013

Haunter *Hq Ws Web Rip*

In this off-beat horror thriller, Abigail Breslin plays Lisa the ghost of a murdered girl who struggles to keep a living teenager from suffering the same fate at the hands of a dark spirit. Toward the ends of the film, Lisa tries to summon help from the spirits of the killer's many victims, but is chloroformed by him and carried off. In the back seat of a car,  Lisa wakes up bound and gagged with duct tape, the girl Olivia (Eleanor Zichy) sits unconscious in the front seat likewise bound and gagged with tape. Lisa tries to wake her. She finds a lighter on the floor and and after some struggle gets it and begins to use to to burn through the tape on her wrists. The killer returns carrying Olivia's sister (Martine Campbell) who is also bound and gagged, and he puts her in the backseat with Lisa. he talks to Lisa, who feigns waking up and turns on the car engine  to asphyxiate the lot of them. Lisa bolts up, half-strangles the man with the tape in her hands and escapes.

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