Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From Hollyrope: Irish Gets Hogtied (Trailer)

Another cute clip from Hollyrope of pretty spectacled, lingerie clad and high heeled model Irish getting snugly hogtied on a bed with nylon rope. she gets a cleave gag toward the end.

Download Here

Until Saturday when we can start up again-- Brightest  Blessings, Be Safe and Have Fun !!

Reijoh Shashinkan: Some New Pleasures

From Reijoh Shashinkan, a clip of model Minako Ishikawa experimenting with self-bondage using red tape as she carefully packs her mouth with cloth before applying ball-gag and then binding her feet, knees and wrists. After some struggling she's shown bound up much more securely with more red tape. Afterward she picks herself loose.

Download Here  

Stervus: Rozanka mummified with a trash bag

From Stervus.ru, a surprisingly free preview site packed with videos and pictures, pretty brunette Rozanka makes an energetic if brief escape from a sheath composed of a large trash bag and duct tape to show off her sexy lingerie and stockings underneath.

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