Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hollyrope: Taped Half-sister (Trailer)

From Hollyrope, Chloe needs to go to work, but her spoiled and selfish (but extremely cute) half sister Chrissy Marie is taking her car to go to a party. Both girls fight for the keys of the car, but Chloe ends up all taped up and gagged by her half sister.

Download Here

*I've been given some discretionary / compensatory time off from work and so me and the girl will be hitting the road to see friends and family here and yonder. I can still be reached via email in the meantime, so please do keep in touch. I'll be back and blogging April 12th. Until then Brightest Blessings, Be Safe and Have Fun !!*

Stervus: Tragic Venus Hogcuffed

From amazingly free site Stervus, pretty blond Tragic Venus wriggles and writhes, bit-gagged as she lies on a bed on her tummy secured with ankle-cuffs attached to both wrists and ankles.

Download Here