Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hunter: "Case X" *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall (Stepfanie Kramer) goes undercover as a model after a sleazy photographer is accused of several murders. Toward the end of the program, Dee Dee is caught while snooping around his office overpowered and kidnapped at gunpoint. Her partner Hunter gives chase, but looses them when he's forced dump some bureaucratic dead wood off on the street in the forma bothersome Internal Affairs agent. McCall is seen tied hand and foot with blue fabric in the back of the speeding van. Later, she's lying tied up on the bed, with bare feet tied together and arms outstretched and tied to the headboard. The photographer sets up for video shoot where he intends to strangle and rape McCall. However Hunter has found out where the killer had taken McCall, breaks in and after a short gunfight he returns to untie Dee Dee.

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