Monday, March 10, 2014

The Watermen * Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this extended clip from a recent horror film, some college kids out for some sports fishing find themselves stranded at sea for several days, until rescue comes in the form a fishing trawler; too bad the crew of that boat are murderous cannibals who grind the remains of their victims into fish bait. The kids are given drugged water and pass out before they are hauled aboard the trawler and kidnapped to an island where the killers live. Diane (Tara Heston) is the first to wake up, and finds herself and Chrissy (Ashley Myers) tied down on tables in a workshop. The fisherman enter and she feigns unconsciousness as the men mutter among themselves and cut Chrissy's clothes off with their knives. They are interrupted and leave, so Diane frees herself and discovers Lisa (Joy Glass) tied up in a chair behind them. The other too girls are too heavily drugged to be of much use in escaping. Later in the movie, Diane is knocked out, captured and carried off again along with Lisa. They tie her hands in front and nearly drown her in a eel tank, and stuff a rag in her mouth before Lisa is cut apart and killed (not shown). Diane is knocked out again and left on a conveyor belt to a huge grinder, just before one of the guys turns up to save the day.

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