Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey, I'm only human

If you've made a TV / Movie request but haven't heard from me, please feel free to give me a little friendly reminder tap via email about it.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

From Bondagefan2002 Damsels in Distress:"Vanessa's Self Bondage Home Invasion" (Trailer)

Sweet Vanessa is the pretty girl next door who wants to surprise her boyfriend. So we gags herself up with a nice duct tape gag, and handcuffs herself to the bed and waits for her boyfriend to show up. But the key falls off the bed and she's stuck waiting for him to come home release. Too bad an intruder comes calling and decides to have some fun with the hapless gal.

Download Here

From Detstyle Productions: Tomiko in "Escape Challenge II: The Rebondagening" (Trailer)

From Detstyle Productions, sexy spunky Tomiko challenges Chris to a new escape challenge to win back her honor as "America's Top Fetish Model". Can she free herself of the bonds this time?

Download Here

From Hollyrope: Business Women Tied (Trailer)

Bondage maestro the devious Dominic Wolfe is the special guest for this video by Hollyrope, as he securely binds and gags business ladies Irish and Amanda Kent as only he can.

Download Here