Monday, May 19, 2014

Bangkok Adrenaline *Hq Ws Web Rip*

In this sequel, Priya Suandokemai plays Irene, whom out lunk-headed heroes are forced to kidnap to pay off their gambling debts to a total crook. In the first scene the kidnappers sneak onto the property and gas the entire mansion unconscious. Irene is carried off. Afterward she's seen tied to a chair and blindfolded. Later the blindfold is removed, and she laughs at the Halloween masks the kidnappers are wearing. one by one the masks are taken off. Afterward, she's shown in the bathroom, struggling, angry and tape-gagged, and then mummy wrapped to her chair with cloth wearing mask and tape-gagged underneath. back with her dad (who is a crook too,) she's seen with her hands tied together in front. finally Irene is shown in a car parked on railroad tracks, one hand cuffed to the steering wheel, a train coming right at her....

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