Monday, May 26, 2014

The Devil Rides Out *Decent Web Rip*

Nike Arrighi  plays Tanith Carlisle in this Hammer Horror creeper about a supernatural duel between a coven of good witches and a former member who was kicked out for turning to evil, and is using Tanith as his conduit for revenge. In this clip, Tanith has been trussed up hand and foot with belts and gagged with a white cloth and left struggling in a hay barn by her boyfriend to keep her from harm's way. Tanith thrashes, howls and struggles on the floor under some terrible influence. he takes the gag off after she settles down and they talk. Later, he approaches her and she opens her eyes wide and hypnotizes him. His resistance is paltry, and he succumbs, unties her and then faints dead away.

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