Monday, June 30, 2014

300: Rise Of An Empire *Hq Ws DVD Rip*

In this bit of back story to the character of Artemisia, Jade Chynoweth plays her at a younger age as she's kept chained up in the hold of a Greek slave ship, after she's taken by Hoplite soldiers when her village is brutally attacked and her family murdered. Her captors leave her to die in the road, but she's saved by a Persian emissary.

*Warning! Disturbing images !*

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Hidden Away *Decent WS Web Rip*

Usual Lifetime movie fodder; eight years after faking their deaths, a wife and daughter are once more stalked by an abusive psycho. After listening in on her conversations with a friend via a hidden bug, he goes after Lynn (Elizabeth Rohm) in the guise of a prospective real estate client and kidnaps her at gunpoint. We see her with ahnds tied in front with thick rope and gagged with tape in the back of his vehicle before he takes her to an abandoned mine in a remote mountain region. He later kills her. Afterward, he attacks the old wife's new fiance and beats him unconscious before kidnapping the man as well as his former daughter Rachel (Allie Gonino).

He takes them both to the same mine and removes Rachel's tape gag to talk to her, but replaces it when she curses him. The wife arrives with a ransom and some pepper spray and after she hoses the psycho down, helps her daughter escape and they flee.

*Allie Gonino is a dead ringer for Emily VanCamp in this movie*

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