Monday, June 16, 2014

The Adventures of Paula Peril Released !!

Atlantis Studios and Exit Left Media are pleased to announce the release of The Adventures of Paula Peril, the first full-length film based on the popular comic book series Paula Peril.
The episodic adventure features action-packed chapters from previous films with an all-new storyline developed just for feature release!

Paula "Peril" Perillo is a sexy and courageous investigative reporter, fighting corrupt mobsters and supernatural enemies in pursuit of the truth. She is on the trail of a lead that will expose corruption by railroad boss Vince Vincelli. When a tip from a mysterious informant leads her to an abandoned warehouse, she becomes the target of brutal thugs who want her silenced, by any means necessary. Her disappearance leads her friends at the city newspaper to review past headlines and uncover clues to her whereabouts -- before it's too late!

New footage for the Adventures of Paula Peril was produced in Atlanta with the assistance of partners New Life Casting and Cherokee County Office of Economic Development. The film stars Valerie Perez as Paula Peril, with co-stars Stephen Hanthorn, Marla Malcom, and James Conner. New footage was created by award-winning director Jason Winn, and produced by Eric Pai and Exit left Media.

This is the first Paula Peril movie to be distributed through production partners Fairway Film Alliance. Please contact them directly for release information:

Paula Peril is back in action - and in danger - like you've never seen her before! Stay tuned for more photos and release info at: