Sunday, June 1, 2014

XY Ungelöst: "January 15th" *Decent Web Rip*

In this episode from the German program about unsolved crimes, a banker's wife and daughters are held hostage by some crooks to compel the man to help them rob his bank office. In the first bit, one of daughters answers the door and is confront by a man with pistol wearing a pantyhose mask. He forces the other daughter to hang up the phone and then has the mother bind the girls' hand behind them with some tape. later the father returns home is is neatly captured as well. He's bound, gagged and blindfolded with tape and taken into a bedroom where the wife and daughters are shown squirming, lying side by side on a bed on their stomachs, tape bound but gagged and blindfolded with kitchen towels. the father's gag is taken off to question him about how to access the bank's small safe.

*Warning ! Young damsels!!*

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