Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mirage- White Bikini (clip)

From Mirage; a clip from a rather static video, and not too appealing an angle of a woman in a white bikini struggling about lying on a bed, bound and kept quiet with large white cloth bandit gag.

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Mirage- Pajama Foot Tickle

Of course my Thumbnailer crashes today; and I'm back to this format.
From Mirage; Dressed in pajamas, blindfolded with white cloth, tape gagged (brown packing tape) the damsel schoolgirl sits ready for bed, but her off-screen tormentor wants to tickle her cute little soles first.

Download Here

Japanese Damsels in Distress #5 (clip)

In this video ostensibly about a kidnapped lady detective, the rope bound damsel squirms securely trussed up on the floor, in her short business skirt, long stocking legs curled under her as she struggles. She is gagged over the mouth with white cloth.

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The Girl, The Gold Dress, and the Bandit Gag

Lovely Japanese lass in a gold dress, seated in a hotel room, tightly bound with rope and wriggling, totally muffled with a huge bandit style gag.

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