Monday, September 22, 2014

Cold Steel *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Sharon Stone plays Kathy Connors who finds herself in the center of tug-of-war between a psycho-killer named The Iceman and a brash cop. Kathy is kidnapped by a thug with a rifle and our hero gets radio call from the killer taunting him to a meeting one on one. Kathy lies tied down on a cot, cleave gagged with white cloth.

At a construction site, the hero is disarmed and Kathy is seen in the killer's clutches. On an elevator, Kathy stops the car, and the killer nearly shoves her out of the thing. He pulls her back in and knocks her out with his rifle butt. Later, during the fight scene, Kathy has freed herself off-screen and shoots the baddie with the grenade launcher. He goes up like a torch and plummets to his doom.

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