Monday, September 15, 2014

Divergent *Ws Hq DVD Rip*

Shailene Woodley plays Tris in this dystopic future tale about a world kept pure and at peace by assigning every person a single faction (think job assignment) for life and all persons who can perform two or more roles are declared Divergent and thus enemies of the state and eliminated. Later in the film, after Tris qualifies for the Dauntless faction (essentially soldiers) she's attacked by some black-masked thugs who have been killing off other students and making their deaths look like suicide. she's hand-gagged carried off and nearly thrown from the top of a climbing wall, but she's rescued by another recruit.

Afterward, while facing a final test in virtual reality, Tris narrowly escapes a flock of ravenous birds by dashing into a fire only to find herself bound with rope to stake in the ground and her hands tied in front as well. she dares to burn through the rope with the fire, and then puts her scorched hands in water, which turns into an enclosed tank filling with water to drown her. Tris tries to figure some way out of the trap, and thinks back to the young man who saved her and she's fallen in love with. she emerges triumphant.

Later, Tris and the young man are suspected of being Divergent and tested during a raid by the soldiers. both are captured and baound and brought before the leader of the society. After tormenting Tris, she orders the girl executed. Tris is dragged off by the soldiers and put on her knees on the ground. Tris's mother kills the soldiers and saves the day.

*Blink; for being the heroine, she's not very heroic and rarely ever really tough until the very very end.*

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