Monday, September 1, 2014

Dungeon of Harrow *Ws Web Rip*

A shipwrecked man washes up on the shore of a remote castle owned and operated by a sadistic count and his insane family where evil, badly filmed stuff begins to happen.Our hero wakes to a strange sound and, looking out the window of his room, sees a pretty young woman strung up by the wrists being whipped. Although the woman moans in agony, her torturer keeps missing her over and over and the man tries to escape his room, but finds the room locked. Later, pretty mute girl Ann (Michele Buquor) finds her father bloodied in the torture chamber and tries to free him from the rack. The eeeeeeeevil count has her tied up in his place, and has her subjected to water torture as well.

She's basically forgotten past that point.

*Z-grade hokey stupid horror schlock at it's worst, looks like it was shot in someone's basement on Styrofoam sets.*

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