Monday, September 22, 2014

In the Name of The King 3 *Ws Hq Web Rip*

A world-weary professional assassin looking for a way out of his job is hired to kidnap two young princesses Sophie (Petra Gocheva)  and Alys (Marina Dakova) as his last job. After taking the place of their driver, the killer picks them up at school, but the girls are instantly suspicious and put up a fuss. After one of the girls threatens to call her Dad, he turns around threateningly and we see the girls seat-belted with hands and mouths taped up.  he drives them to an empty lot with some storage containers and the girls make an abortive escape attempt. He re-captures them easily and puts them in one of the containers. inside he starts to take off the gags, but wants no screaming. Rip ! AHH !!  The tape is put back.

He says no screaming a second time and the gags and the wrist tape is removed. Before he abandons the alys gives him a hug, because he looks "sad" and the killer melts a little inside. He swipes sophie's necklace before locking the girls in.

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