Monday, September 29, 2014

Night Train to Terror *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this extended clip from a bizarre trilogy of terror tales, at a corrupt asylum, a kidnapped woman named Verna struggles topless strapped to a gurney in a padded room as a menacing tall man advances on her. Afterward, she's gagged cleave-style with a strap. Afterward, a woman in a bikini (Amy Sussman) is revealed in a darkened room, she's handcuffed spreadeagle across a gurney and hand-gagged as she begins to scream. Afterward, a poor red headed gal (played by Merideth Kennedy) lies on strapped by her wrists as the killer toys with her using a huge bone saw. He rips her blouse, hikes her skirt and.....

Finally, after getting her erstwhile doctor partner lobotomized, the woman responsible Dr. Fargo  (played by Sharon Ratcliff) gets in a fight with a man who knows too much and he knocks her out. she wakes up strapped to a gurney, gagged with a strap as the doctor stumbles in to perform clumsy fatal surgery on her.

In the next story, Gretta Connors (Merideth Haze) get attacked, bound, gagged and kidnapped by some thugs working for some bizarre wealthy thrill-seekers. They are taken to another location and put still trussed up into sleeping bags and wrecking ball on a rope set in motion. as it swings the rope is cut by a sawblade, with the giggling participants in place to see who gets their skull crushed in when the ball is cut free.

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